"Climate, Climate Change Impacts: Greece" 26-30 September 2015

It is the third year in a row that the visit is taking place and is now a milestone of the project-course "Climate, Climate Change Impacts: Greece" established in the JLU Geography studies curriculum. The group of geographers visited the sites of Gialova lagoon, Paleokastro and Archaia Messini, the Taygetos Mountain and the Polilimio site under the guidance of Mr. Giorgos Maneas. The project course is aiming at providing interdisciplinary knowledge on the climate of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, volcanism and impacts on climate and societies, the Mediterranean Sea circulation, palaeoproxies, climate reconstruction and methodologies, impacts of climate variability and change on ecosystems, hydrology and water resources, atmospheric monitoring, archaeology, plant eco-physiology. The project consists of three interrelated parts, theoretical, methodological and the field excursion. The students prepare a scientific report combining knowledge acquired from the theory and methods and knowledge obtained during the excursion.