1st Student Field Course at NEO, January 25–31 2011

1st Student Field Course at NEO took place from 25 January to 31 January 2011 and was a great success! video


On behalf of Stockholm University, Dr. Ingmar Borgström: "This has been a unique opportunity to study in depth the climate and landscape of the Mediterranean region. Being able to start the new course with this first excursion to Messinia means a lot to motivate and engage students in the subject. Messinia, with its long history of human activity, its active geological processes and its location in a climatically sensitive part of the Mediterranean area, offers a variety of interesting landscapes and environmental issues to work with. This course will lead to the students gaining a better understanding not only for the Mediterranean environment, but for the subject as a whole”.

 On behalf of The Academy of Athens, Prof. Christos Zerefos: "This first educational visit combined with the imminent commencement of research activities at the observatory, mark this admirable partnership. The participation of Greek, Swedish students, teachers and researchers in NEO’s activities is aiming to become an opportunity for intervention and communication that will generate valuable results for educational and research purposes,  as well as for the local community”.

On behalf of TEMES S.A., Mr Nikos Katsikeros "The launch of the educational program has been a true rejoice. We hope that the outcomes will contribute valuable information to the global educational community and will act as motive for other organizations. We are also hoping that the first program will be succeeded by many to come, establishing NEO as a key contributor to research, education and knowledge on climate change, and Messinia as a point of interest for the academic sector, globally”.