Stockholm University

Stockholm University, located in Sweden's capital city, is a major northern European university and carries out successful research and education within the natural and social sciences, the humanities and law.

With over 50,000 undergraduate and master's students, 1,800 doctoral students and 6,000 employees, Stockholm University is one of the largest universities in Sweden and one of the largest employers in the capital. People of many different nationalities, with contacts throughout the world, contribute to the creation of a highly international atmosphere at Stockholm University.

The University is situated in the middle of the first national city park in the world and is characterised by natural beauty, unique architecture and contemporary art and sculpture. The University is located only ten minutes from the urban buzz of the city with people, music, fashion, architecture, culture.

The Bert Bolin Centre for Climate research at Stockholm University is a pioneering institute within the field of climate and environmental research. The late Bert Bolin, professor at Stockholm University, was the leading force behind the establishment of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

The Bert Bolin Centre for Climate research at Stockholm University carries on Bolin’s heritage by conducting fundamental research on critical processes in the climate system. The Centre is developing an extensive research program on natural climate evolution and variability, as well as changes imposed by man’s ever-increasing impact on the climate system through emission of greenhouse gases and aerosols, and changes in land-use, vegetation and hydrology.
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