1st Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO) Workshop, October 5–6 2010

1st Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO) Workshop was held at Costa Navarino. There were presentations from all the partners involved in NEO. The presentations given were:
– The vision and the initial research program, by Johan Kleman.
– Climate history and societal development, Karin Holmgren, Håkan Grudd, Martin Finné.
– Hydrology, by Gia Destouni, SteveLyon.
– Geomorphology and landscape evolution, by Ingmar Borgström, Johan Kleman.   
– Tectonics, by Alasdair Skelton.
– Education program, presentation& discussion, by Ingmar Borgström.
– Communication issues, by Johan Kleman.
– Aerosol measurements, by HC Hansson.
– Meteorology and climate modelling, by Christos Zerefos.
– Atmospheric/spectroradiometric measurements, by Evangelos Gerasopoulos
– Hydrogeological - Hydrological Research and Water Management Study in Costa Navarino, by Ioannis Antonopoulos.


October 5-6, 2010