Dendrochronology field work, May 24 - June 20 2013

On May, 24 – June20 Paul Krusic performed a Dendrochronology Fieldtrip together with Dr. Hakan Grudd, Stockholm University and Sam Williams an undergraduate student from the USA. Sam won a small scholarship from his school allowing him to come to Greece with Paul, to learn about dendrochronology and to see a bit of Europe.  They have driven nearly 6000km, 1000’s on small dirt roads in the mountains of Greece.

This year the focus was on finding more sub-fossil wood laying on the ground or in the sediments in the vicinity of the trees that were sampled during the first expedition in 2011.  In 2011, 700 year old living trees in the northern Pindos range not far from the small village of Samarina (the highest village in Greece, 1650 m) were luckily found. With the combination of these two archives Paul hopes to be able to reconstruct a history of climate back to the late Roman period.