The Atmosperic Station at Methoni, September 2013

A major effort for moving the Atmospheric Station from the Library Tower at Costa Navarino to the Hellenic National Meteorological Station (HNMS) premises at Methoni, took place in late September. From early September, under the co-ordination of Giorgos Maneas, work began at Methoni to prepare the transport of instrumentation to the container donated by TEMES. The work included, among others, the replacement of a fence for security reasons, weeding and cleaning of the surface and electrical work for adequate and secure power supply. Thereafter Vangelis Gerasopoulos, Radek Krejci, Peter Tunved and the former station manager Nikos Kalivitis dismantled all equipment from Costa Navarino and started with setting up the new station at Methoni. This proved to be a quite demanding task under the hot sun of Messinia. A few days later, HC Hanson joined the group and the transport of the station was successfully completed. The new NEO atmospheric station is now up and running!