Coring campaign, Septemer-October 2013

Following the preliminary investigation at potential sites for sediment coring for paleoclimatic studies, a coring campaign took place during late September early October. Elin Norström and Christos Katrantsiotis from INK visited NEO during a week, to sample wetlands and lagoons in the western Peleponnesos area.


Coring was performed with Russian corers in Gialova laoon and Agios Floros, a former wetland area north of Kalamata. Prof. Nikos Zacharias from the University of Kalamata, who is one of the research collaborators, will perform OSL dating on selected sequences. He joined Norström and Katrantsiotis in the field during two days, and retrieved samples for OSL with a corer designed for this purpose. Sediment samples were also taken from ancient Lake Lerna, near Argos in the south-eastern part of the peninsula.