Cave work in Alepotrypa, July 2014

 In July 2014, Meighan Boyd, Karin Holmgren, Giorgos Maneas, and Giorgos Kosmopoulos joined the summer archaeological excavation season at Alepotrypa Cave under the guidance of Anastasia Papathanasiou and Panagiotis (Takis) Karkanas for field work. This was an opportunity for the speleothem research section to update the rest of the Diros Project team on progress and also discuss methodology and application of the speleothem records to the other research angles of the project. Field work in the cave included water sampling, CO2, humidity, and temperature measurements at sample sites, and the sampling of two additional speleothems. These speleothems appear to include material deposited during the time of human occupation, evidenced by very dark layers completely absent from most other speleothems collected, though this must be confirmed with U-Th dating. The focus of Meighan Boyd over the next months will be on producing more U-Th dates and performing trace element analysis of the speleothems using advanced laser ablation techniques.