The Prophet once again, September 2014

In Septemeber, NEO researchers Johan Kleman and Ingmar borgström, together with station manager Giorgos Maneas, ascended the Prophet Elias (2407m), the highest point of the Taygetos Mts and Peloponese. The visit is part of an ongoing research project on the long-term tectonic and geomorphologic evolution of the Taygetos Mountains and the Mani Peninsula. Targets for the fieldwork investigation were an ancient high elevation valley immediately north of the summit and the large north-facing glacial cirque (steep valleyhead) which contains numerous moraines built by glaciers that existed 15 – 20.000 years ago.

Sleeping in the open at 2.200 m elevation the team also experienced a close-up visit by 8-10 startled wild boars who wondered what strangers did in the night on “their” mountain!