Wetland sediments, February 2015

A long sediment core of 8 m was retrieved from the eastern shore of Gialova lagoon during the field work, which was performed 7-14 February 2015. The core was obtained using a vibra-corer. The core was examined for general lithology, color, boundaries as well as internal structure and, subsequently, sub-sampled every 1 cm at the Laboratory of Sedimentology at the University of Patras. The subsamples were sealed in plastic bags and transported to Stockholm University for geochemical and microfossil analysis. Within this project, another sediment core, which was retrieved from the central part of the lagoon, will be further analysed. The results from both cores will be combined to decipher the palaeogeographical changes as well as the climate variability in this disturbed area of the Peloponnese, which has undergone transformation processes, intensified by constant human intervention and repeated periods of sea level transgression and regression during the Holocene epoch.