Student projects

This document contains a list of potential student topics within the frame of Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO) research fields.List of projects. A complete list of supervisors, other key persons and their contact information is found at the end of this document (page 15).

  Student projects catalogue

If you are interested in any of the topics proposed here, please contact one of the supervisors listed for the topic for further discussions. For budget considerations please consult with the supervisors, the director of studies at the relevant department and/or the NEO Director Karin Holmgren.



Field courses

text about courses at Navarino


In addition to the research taking place at NEO, emphasis is given to the education and training of graduate students and new researchers. For this reason special courses and trips are made in the field, training workshops are organized, and postgraduate and PhD students are already involved in NEO research activities.
So far NEO has carried out planning and scouting of a number of appropriate excursion sites which were identified directly adjacent to the forthcoming research station in Navarino Dunes (the coastal geology and geomorphology in the Gialova-Pylos-Methoni area) or at longer distances (the Losious river canyon, the Sparti fault and the Kapsi cave). Part of the planning was also devoted to educational interests in the forthcoming research station.