The Subtropical Frontier, 23 June - 3 July 2013

From all over the world came students and faculty to attend an advanced studies, summer school on the subtropical frontier.  The tropical regions of the world, which includes the Mediterranean are expanding.  How fast and where this expansion will be greatest, and what will the implications to current climate conditions be, was the focus of this course.  The course was delivered in a colloquium style where many invited scientists from as far away as Australia and Hawaii came to explain both the basics and current research in the field.  The summer school was also well attended by students from all around the world, including many from Greece.

The summer school was a joint collaboration between the Bolin Centre’s Research Education division and NEO, with support from TEMES and the Navarino Dunes Hotel.  By all accounts it was a success and we hope to hold another such summer school in NEO soon.